Part II The return Flight, George to Cape Town, South Africa

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Tue 18 Jul 2006 18:25
33:58.1S 018:36.4E

Day 2, Saturday 18JUL

George - Cape Town




Our friends Renate and Klaus Geisler took us on a drive through the Knysna area that morning. The last time Anne and I had been there was
back in the late 60’s. It had not changed much. It is a wealthy community made up of predominantly retired people or wealthy businessmen
with holiday homes. Lots of sailing and golfing – a Mecca for the sporty types.

Our friends disappointed that we could not stay longer took us back to George airport after lunch.


Today’s leg would take us in westerly direction along the coastline to Cape Agulhas, the most southerly point in Africa and then to Cape Town.

This leg we choose to fly at 1500 ft AGL and so we enjoyed what we saw along the coastline at its best.

Approaching the Cape Town area, we established radio contact only after passing the Danger Point NDB, just south of False Bay.

After I requested a direct routing of 16 miles over open sea to the Cape of Good Hope, the controller asked me to confirm that our Comanche
was in fact a twin engine aircraft, if not he said, permission to cross over open water was not going to be granted.

Needless to engage into an argument, we obediently followed the magnificent coastline of False Bay via Somerset West, , the Naval base at
Simonstown, the circling in beautiful weather the Cape of Good Hope a few times at 500 ft.


Sheer cliffs at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean ….. with the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean



We then routed along the western coast of the Cape peninsula abeam the impressive Table Mountain and Cape Town’s Harbour and City.

Touching down at D.F. Malan airport, the controllers were surprised at the presents of a Swiss registered airplane, which came such a long way,
and they wished us a safe onward journey.


Cape Town Harbour and City




For the rest of the day we explored interesting downtown area of Cape Town and the harbour market and then got really spoiled for dinner
at ”Panama Jacks” in the midst of the docks. Here we enjoyes a rustical ambience with great atmosphere and Seafood to match. At nighttime
this place can be difficult to find, if the uninitiated don’t know its location.