19. DENNILIQUIN, YDLQ, (NSW) - 313NM - 2:00

Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Rolf Martin FRIEDEN & Manfred Melloh
Sat 19 Jul 2008 12:15

"35:33.44S 144:56.47E"

Adelaide Parafield (Adelaide) - YPPF to Denniliquin YDLQ NSW

After a restful 3 days stay with Laurie, and seeing South Australia, Adelaide City
sights we were ready to depart to DLQ where ICS welcoming committee will be
there to greet us. We have done some flight planning the night before and the weather
forecast for our
flight to DLQ was VFR all the way, good weather, as normal in the outback of

The GAAP departure from PPF was straight forward, tracking DLQ via Swan Hill
flying over good looking grazing and farming lands,
covering 3 states, South Australia, Victoria and into NSW. We had a great uneventful
flight, typical for Australia Western plains country.

Arriving at DLQ at lunch time with a ICS reception committee to welcome us home
to Australia after our first stage of our around the world trip. Approximately 25 ICS
members and 6 aircraft had turned out to greet us, representing areas such as Swan Hill,
Tamworth, Bathurst and the immediate area around Denniliquin.


The Saturday night we partied at the Riverside Motel with speeches and pats on the
backs in typical Australia ICS Style.
After drinking more than we should in the great Australian tradition we got to bed at
the Motel quite late.


It is worth a mention that the Australian ICS sponsored are RTW flight with a donation
of a 6 place life raft, with all associated survival gear. All the members were of the same
sentiment, hoping that we would never use it over the extended water travels.

After our final goodbyes on Sunday morning we received the weather forecast for the
flight to Sydney, (Home). The weather in
Denniliquin was IFR, raining, overcast, cold and windy. Not usual Denniliquin weather.

We had a great time with our Comanche friends and were able to share our "STAGE ONE"
flying experiences. This is really what the ICS is all about and was the reason for Rolf and
Manfred to undertake this Round the World adventure in the first place.