Tim Vaughan
Sat 8 Jun 2019 11:31
12:00 Day 7 Saturday 8th June (didn’t need to look this one up as it’s a special day to remember in our family).

Blimey a whole week at sea! The last 24 hrs have been a bit odd as I did my best to negotiate the wind hole that I always seem to find. It’s irrational I know, but it always feels like everyone else will bounding along while you’re left behind, trying to find a puff of wind to get going again. In the end I did ok, I read the sky and the signs of wind coming across the water and managed not to get sucked into going East. Luckily I found a decent wind that took me overnight back up to preferred course and the wind has now gone to the north of west so I’m pretty much back on my course, until the next wind hole...... I think I managed 100 miles so not a disaster at all.

Life on board is good - I still managed a few naps up to 02.30 in the morning when I had a few sail changes to make. I actually had my chorizo and spicy veg mush at 03.00 this morning and then I had 4 x 30 minute kips - luxury.

Other news:

My other iPad still has a load of CD’s loaded one it so I have a new source of music. Decided to listen to have a change and listen to Les MIserables. I enjoyed the first half but then found the second CD was missing. Was looking forward to hearing Javert top himself and see if Marius got the girl.....

Mandy, Chrissie and Chris are starting their journey to the Azores today. It’s going to be really fantastic to see them all. Ooooo, wet eyes just at the thought.....

It’s getting warmer........

I hope I see some wildlife soon, there nothing here at all!

Anyway, back to the sailing, I’m going for a record run today (record for me that is....)


PS I seem to have found “satellite signal hole” so it’s taking it’s time to send!