No rest for the wicked......

Tim Vaughan
Sat 22 Jun 2019 03:59
04.30 Saturday 22nd June

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Having dried out and put some clean dry clothes on it was nice to have a couple of kips in a nice warm bunk. No chance of missing the alarms though as the wind is on the up and you become very in tune with the movement of the boat. We’ve finally got the westerly that was forecast.

I’ve just been out and put a second reef in the main - it was gusting 32kts so had to be done. I’ve only got a scrap of headsail left out but we’re still bounding along at well over 7 kts, and in the right direction too, a bonus!

Now that I’m heading back up to the direct course, a couple of yachts fleetingly appeared on the AIS. No boat names came up but hopefully I’ll see some more tomorrow and I’ll get a feel for how I’m doing.

Oh, nearly forgot, the rain was good for testing the leak repair - all dry so far,