Needs Must

Tim Vaughan
Mon 24 Jun 2019 05:13
05:00 Monday 24th June

We’re well over half way and about to start Day 7 already - how did that happen?.

It’s been a dark old night with no stars but the most amazing phosphorescence. Sorry to talk toilets, but you always get an early warning when your pee lights up in the toilet as you flush, which happened last night. So I switched off every light on the boat (including the nav lights for a few minutes) went outside and watched the show. Breaking waves were lit up all around and the bow wave from the boat had to be seen to be believed. It seemed like there were huge crystals of light under the water.

Yesterday evening was also great for wildlife. I had dolphins on at least 4 occasions, quite playful they were and often made a big splash as they swarmed around me in some of the bigger waves. There loads of birds yesterday, this time in groups, and I think some were terns.    

Cracking chili for tea, there was enough for 4 people so I ate half of it and out the rest in the fridge for another day, I was stuffed.

Sailing wise, things improved after my grumpy morning - we had 15 to 25 kts of wind most of the afternoon and evening and I’ve followed it round as it changed direction, finally gybing around 21.30 last night. I’ve been hand steering to get the best course possible but was disappointed with my course after the gybe so I’ve had to revert to putting away the headsail altogether and just sailing on the main. It’s slower, and not terribly well balanced but needs must, it works well in stronger winds and means I can virtually go straight down wind. I’ve also got the waves directly behind me so you get extra entertainment trying to surf them. The wind should carry on going round so I should be able to get the head sail back up first light.

Not seen any other boats all day/night.

Finally, well done to the girls (which also included Robs by the way) for completing the Race for Life yesterday - Good effort and I bet those ice creams tasted good.

I could murder an ice cream!