Where does the time go?

Tim Vaughan
Thu 27 Jun 2019 07:27
08:00 Thursday 27th June

Blimey, that was a a busy 24hrs!

Yesterday afternoon was full of putting reefs in, taking reefs out, tacking, tacking and more tacking. And boy, can it rain out here, I was absolutely drenched. The day was featureless in that the sky was monochrome grey and it was hard to pick out any cloud patterns. It rained heavily into the evening and then the thick fog descended. It’s still here this morning so I’ve got the radar on looking for anything to avoid. I’ve just tacked around Fishing Vessel Faro de Burela but they has AIS.

Conditions inside the boat were like riding a bucking bronco so I hand steered for the worst of it, practicing the art of wave dodging. Whilst there were some decent sized ones, it wasn’t difficult to let them slide under you,. Quite satisfying really.

Yesterday was also spent wondering which way to go, for most of the time the wind direction was exactly the same as Falmouth so that didn’t help. The wind was constantly shifting back and forth with the gusts and the waves added to your tacking angle. In the end I’ve gone for the above line option so time will tell if that was a good call.

With all the activity, there was little rest time yesterday and I hardly had a chance to have a natter with Mandy, but luckily conditions stabilised over night so I could least snatch a few cat naps in between radar watch and keeping the boat going. I still managed a nice hot meal eaten at 02:00 this morning but am still looking forward to some breakfast !

Their weren’t many photo opportunities yesterday. I tried a picture during some of the rain and it actually looked like it was a decent day! So I went for a shot of some my track on the plotter which shows me all over the place and the wind arrow coming from Falmouth. My hands weren’t a pretty sight yesterday either.

That’s it for now, let’s get the latest weather and see if I’ve chosen a decent route!

JPEG image

JPEG image