Not such a good morning after all.....

Tim Vaughan
Sun 23 Jun 2019 12:35
13.00 Sunday 23rd June

Don’t worry, nothing’s gone wrong, just one of those mornings.....

I hesitated talking the reef out because of the proximity of those clouds, which got darker and darker and closer. Meanwhile the wind dropped and left me crawling along still looking at the bloody things. I ended up tracking them on the radar and when it clear they were passing in front of me I shook out the reef but couldn’t get going again. The wind direction had shifted so I had to start climbing above the line which is where I am now.

JPEG image

JPEG image

Then I tried to get the latest weather to see if that shed any light on things and had some IT problems. All the time the sails were flapping and the boat slowing resulting in a horrible motion inside the boat. I was more than a little ticked off.

A cooked breakfast, in the middle of all that lot was not my best idea but I thought it would cheer me up - Guess what? It didn’t. I’d have been better off with a porridge pot and not had the fuss.

Eventually it rained and the wind filled in from behind and we’re back to doing 6 kts in broadly the right direction. I managed to sort out my IT problems and got the latest weather which suggests I may have to go wide and gybe back down to the line later tonight.

Having got things back on an even keel, I gave myself a good talking to and then had a nice shower and change of clothes. Now that has made me feel better and I’m looking forward to a good afternoon!

What was I saying to myself about enjoying every one of the remaining miles?

Point taken!!!