Port Tack Makes a Comeback!

Tim Vaughan
Wed 26 Jun 2019 10:19
11:00 Wed 26th June

Starboard tack is so yesterday....

Been struggling for a while to find the right balance between speed, course and waves. The wind keeps shifting and gusting making things even trickier. However, if you’re as righteous as I am (Hmm), just when you need it, something comes to help.

After a period of constant tacking I turned once more on to port tack and looked, without enthusiasm, at my COG. It was above 90 degrees for the first time and still improving. I looked at the VMG and it was over 4 kts. Finally I felt like I was getting somewhere.

I shall have to tack North later as I don’t want to risk ending up too close to the wind hole at the centre of this system, but I’m sure starboard tack will look after me too.

Outside conditions are a little ‘fresh’. The wind is up and down but more 20 than 15kts now. A downside of it backing (turning left) and you following it, is that the waves are more bow on for a while. They’re growing in size but not steep.....yet..... Won’t be long before the 2nd Reef goes in the main.

Inside, I’ve still had my muesli go all over my nav table when pouring it into my bowl this morning. But there is an advantage if you need to get to the heads quickly. Just let go of the hand hold in the galley and you’re in the heads in 0.01 second. I’ve measured it

I took the trouble to rig up an inclinometer so you can see my living angle and, of course, there’s my port tack hair style. You can see the the wind is coming from in front of the crown this time!

JPEG image

JPEG image