It's a Small World.....

Tim Vaughan
Sun 26 May 2019 22:36

Having serviced the winches and gone out into Start Bay to swing the compass, I thought I’d have a play and make sure all the reefing lines were OK.  There was a bit of wind so I put in the first, second and third reefs and experimented with how much headsail to leave out. As I was shaking all the reefs out and heading back to Dartmouth, I had to give way to a sporty looking yacht with racing sails heading out of Dartmouth.


As we crossed, I recognised the name Purple Mist as I had seen it on the list of AZAB entrants, they were obviously on their way to Falmouth. I felt strangely excited to see a fellow AZAB competitor close up and felt compelled to contact them on the VHF without success. They were obviously far too busy to listen and I didn’t get any response.


Not one to waste an opportunity, I did tack in behind them so I could compare boat speeds and was very chuffed to be able to maintain the same speed as them for half a mile. Satisfied with my lot, I quickly turned back to Dartmouth before something changed and they got away from me…..

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