A few home comforts

Tim Vaughan
Sat 29 Jun 2019 04:31
18.45 Friday 28th June.

Whoop Whoop, I’ve got the Sara Cox All Request Friday Show blaring out in the cockpit and to celebrate I’ve just had a cup of tea out of a proper cup. It really does taste better. I’m a bit restless now as my thoughts are turning to family and home but I’ve first got to get there so I must concentrate on the job in hand.

I’m currently gybing my way though the TSS’s off Lands End and I’m keeping my eye on VMG towards the Lizard - it’s not great and just went negative - tide on the turn, time to gybe!!!

That’s better, it’s now 3.2 kts, still not great built it’s the best I can get with what I’ve got. This angle has me pointing to St Agnes one of the Isles of Scilly so I might get to see them after all. There’s a good 4G signal in that area too......... Ah, must concentrate on the job in hand.

Haven’t a chance for much rest today as the boat needs a lot of monitoring so am expecting a tough night keeping going.

Oh and before I forget, I’ve had a great day on the wildlife front, loads of Gannets and Dolphins galore. I went up on the bow to watch them and could almost touch them.

Considering I’m in the centre of the 3 TSS’s, there’s very few big boats around. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Sorry, but you can never have too many dolphin photos...

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