Could murder an ice cream......

Tim Vaughan
Wed 19 Jun 2019 19:14
Wednesday 19th June 20:00

Today is Robyn’s Birthday so I hope she’s having a good one. Chrissie, Chris and Mandy travelled back this morning so I’m looking forward to catching up on all the goss later as we reinstate our daily sat phone calls now that the 4G connection is gone.

The racing flag tells the story, not an afternoon for sailing, but great for sun bathing and swimming. Boy has it been hot, where’s the ice cream bloke when you need him?

JPEG image

Spoke to the guys on Katisha and they had been for a swim round the boat this morning during one of the lulls. I thought about jumping off Samaritan but made do with a paddle off the back to cool down. Knowing my luck, the wind would have come back and the boat would have sailed off without me and I didn’t want the hassle of dropping the mainsail.

We were given instructions at the briefing that rowing wasn’t allowed if the wind dropped but no one said anything about doggy paddle.....

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Hopefully the wind will return tomorrow and we can get on with the job of sailing home, meanwhile I should have an exciting night ahead, it’s cottage pie for tea and I’m fancying a bit of War of The Worlds as I haven’t played that for a while. I think it’s only a single CD so, with a bit of luck I’ll hear it all in one go this time.