Starboard Tack.....

Tim Vaughan
Mon 24 Jun 2019 10:16
10.45 Monday 24th

Having an amazing few hours, I’ve got 15 to 20 kts behind the beam, the sea is pretty flat and I’m flying along on starboard tack, reaching speeds over 9kts. Samaritan doesn’t know what it’s like to go this fast!

I like starboard tack!


I spent so much time on stb tack on leg 1 it kind of feels “normal”.
The galley is on port, so things don’t fly so far off the work tops.
Most of the drawers etc fall closed on stb tack.
It seems easier to walk around the boat.
Nav table is on starboard so I get a better view out of the window when typing these blogs.
The port side bunk is better (especially now it’s dry)


I have to wedge myself to remain sitting at the nav table when writing these blogs!
The sink drain makes a constant sucking noise (I could put the plug in suppose).
My stb tack hair looks even more stupid than normal - a proper “comb over” job. You can even see where the wind is coming from ie behind the crown!

JPEG image

Must wear a hat!