We’re Off!

Tim Vaughan
Tue 18 Jun 2019 19:56
So the start took place as planned and despite the light conditions, I think most of the crews were just glad to be on their way. I certainly was.

I didn’t do too badly in the start, at least I got over the line and I’ve made reasonable progress this afternoon, managing to keep things going when the wind dropped.

Not sure this was the right choice of route, I’ve just updated the routing software with latest position and forecast and it’s told me to turn round and go East around the island!!!

Needless to say I swore at it and told it not to be silly.....

It’s a fantastic evening, I’m still in shorts and a T shirt, you can see sails everywhere glistening in the last of the sun. Ive got spicy chorizo and sausage pasta made by Mandy’s fair hand for tea - it smells lovely as I’m heating it up.

Hopefully I’ll have a good first night as I trey to get accustomed to managing on minimal sleep again.

Was just to sign off when a pod of dolphins turned up to say hello - Fantastic!!!

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