Brightening up (me that is!)

Tim Vaughan
Fri 21 Jun 2019 13:08
An hour and a half later.....

Well, that livened me up!

I duly got togged up in my life jacket etc and went to the bow to rig the pole. I got half way through and it started to rain so I quickly finished off and came back to the cockpit a little wet but not too bad. Then the wind also picked up so I thought I’d let it blow itself out or, if necessary, put a reef in the main as it would easier to do before gybing the headsail on to the pole.

The wind started gusting into the mid 20’s and the rain lashed down so I put the reef in and bugger me, when I settled Samaritan back on course, the wind had shifted 20 degrees left and I was pointing in the direction I wanted to go in the first place and there was no need to pole the genoa out after all.

So I then had to go back up to the bow to put away the pole etc and got drenched from head to toe in the process. Thank goodness for good wet weather gear.

JPEG image

Am now back inside drying off, doing 7kts in the right direction. It’s still a dull day but at least I feel a lot brighter. Mandy’s tuna pasta salad for lunch followed by a piece of ginger cake, yummy!