Gotcha (hopefully)......

Tim Vaughan
Fri 21 Jun 2019 07:19
00:10 Friday 21st June

I thought I’d found the irritating leak that had caused me to move all the port side cushions in the main cabin on the way down. I thought the seal on the access hatch to the chain locker was leaking so I sikaflexed it in Ponta hoping that’s would be the end of it.

So now that we’re back underway and ploughing through the waves on STB tack again, I thought I’d have a little check, expecting to find it all bone dry. I was more than a little miffed to find water getting in again. However, shining the torch on the area in question, I was fortunate to catch sight of a drip coming from an area under the side deck. I removed the decorative panel and there it was - a leaking pulpit deck fitting. A good scrunch with the adjustable soon put paid to that. I’m back to checking every hour or so and, if watertight, I can put the cushions back and reinstate my port side bunk. Fingers crossed!!

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