Day 2

Tim Vaughan
Mon 3 Jun 2019 11:00
12.00 Day 2

A hard 2nd 24 hrs. Was very tired and didn’t feel much like eating or drinking which doesn’t help. Inside the boat was like being in a washing machine and at one stage I must have knocked against the instrument panel and switched off all the nav instruments without knowing it. The boat carried on merrily for a good few minutes without the autopilot (and me) before going off course and then I had a anxious few moments before realising what I had done Doh!

Decided to rest up as much as possible but I noticed some excessive slack in the leeward intermediate and lower shrouds. Given the bouncy conditions I didn’t want to leave it so reefed right down and spent the afternoon tensioning the rigging and getting soaked. Had to tack back and forth to do it and lost a fair bit of ground. And was even more knackered than before.

Sailed conservatively overnight and got plenty of rest so things better this morning. Conditions went light so did some more rig tweaking in the sunshine. Will keep a careful eye on things.

The expected wind shift has just arrived so have tacked back to the west. Should see rain overnight followed by a further shift to the NW which will take us most of the way down to the Azores.

Also got the sad news about the retirements - am gutted for all concerned. Note to self: stop moaning about being tired and be grateful, it could have been you.