Where’s all the crew when you need them?

Tim Vaughan
Tue 25 Jun 2019 09:21
09.30 Tuesday 25th June (1 week completed !)

It’s been a blooming busy morning and I’ve had to do all the work!

Firstly there’s the tactics, navigation and weather. Don’t make me laugh about the first one and the less said about the last one the better. It was a funny old night with the wind going forward where it’s going to be for the rest of the trip. I’ve had to follow it round and go back above the line and will tack back fairly soon. It’s going to be a slow slog home.

Today, there’s more wind than forecast and it’s very squally this morning so it’s reefs in and out and guess who’s had to do all that....?

In light of the forecast for the next few days I’ve had a meeting with myself and we’ve  decided to rig up the self tacking jib and drop the big genoa. The smaller jib has a much tighter sheeting angle and furls quite nicely so should be better suited to the forecast conditions. Tasks were allocated tasks to the crew who have moved some of the running rigging around to put the sheet for the self tacker back in. Let’s hope the foredeck crew are all ready to go when the wind drops which our weather forecaster has identified will happen this afternoon. (ah you’ve noticed a potential flaw in the plan - I’ll let you know how it goes).

When fiddling around with the self tacker, there was a report that a batten in the lazy jacks had parted. A simple repair that took the maintenance crew a lot longer than expected.

Inside the boat, chef has been busy sorting out food for the rest of the trip and will pre-make sandwiches /snacks etc as cooking could be difficult in the conditions forecast. A double check has been made to ensure everything is correctly stowed. 

Oh, and skipper was a very sensible boy last night and did a little light reading before getting as much sleep as he could to make sure he is fully rested and can keep the rest of the crew on their toes during the rest of the trip.


But there’s a problem, skipper hasn’t had his breakfast yet - where’s that bloody chef when you need him.........

Seriously folks, all good on board, looking forward to another good day’s sailing.