Tim Vaughan
Thu 6 Jun 2019 11:10
Day 5 12.00 - It’s Thursday and I didn’t have to look it up!

It’s been like 3 days in one! Yesterday afternoon was a spent trying to keep my speed up as the conditions went light. I took advantage of being becalmed and did a few tweaks on the rig.

The wind came back I was beginning to think I’d got away lightly but then it went again as we went into the night. This time however there was just enough to keep the boat moving in something like the right direction. The downside was little rest and a late tea of streak pie and veg. I was a quite pleased with myself for keeping things going and not getting parked up.

Eventually, at 05.00 the wind filled in from the north so we could finally get back on course. And boy did it fill in. Initially I just had a single reef in as we were heading deep downwind. With the sea building behind, we reached some cracking speeds. However I could see it all going pear shaped as the wind direction was changing and the boat was going to be over powered very soon. So I’ve reefed some more and slowed the boat right down. I feel a little over cautious as my speed could bear higher but this is no place to get in a mess when you’re on your own.

I had Tony on Pride of Erin to talk to yesterday but we’ve obviously gone our different ways and looks like I’ve just got my smelly boots for company.....

Run yesterday was a paltry 92 miles blowing any chance of getting to PDG for Mandy’s birthday!

Tea tonight might have be something easy as it’s going to fun cooking in these seas!