Tim Vaughan
Sat 29 Jun 2019 10:40
07:00 Sat 29th June

Got to be honest, last night was the worst night of the 2 legs, give me the rough weather nights any time. To get so far and then end up meandering around the 3 TSS’s by the Isles of Scilly, for hours on end, with little or no wind, when all I wanted to do was get back to Falmouth, it was just like last year’s SOLOfastnet (ask Mark Thompson on Milou), etc etc

OK, moan over, enough said, it was the same for every one. Good job, I’m solo, I wasn’t good company!

Still, a few hours later, and I’m roaring along (fingers crossed for the moment) in 12kts NE breeze on flat water. Dolphins and gannets and AIS screen full of boats to keep me busy.

JPEG image

Mandy, Chrissie and Chris are gathering in Falmouth today and will be there for the finish, just as they have been all the way through this. I couldn’t have asked for more encouragement and support, thank you so much xx

So what’s to do now, I’ve got some washing up to do, then there’s a wash and shave, a bit of boat tidying to do, oh, and keep sailing as fast as I can to Dartmouth, I mean Falmouth!

I’ll be keeping you updated......

See you there xxx