Day 3

Tim Vaughan
Tue 4 Jun 2019 10:50
12:00 Day 3

Had a pleasant afternoon going west and spent some time in the company of Katisha. The sun was out so I treated myself to a warm wash in the cockpit with bucket and sponge. Not a pretty sight!

The transition to the NW winds was tough. The expected rain duly arrived but the wind went bananas in the early hours and then completely died. I was totally drenched trying to keep the boat going but in the end just went below and had a kip. I woke up an hour later to find us going north at 2.5 knots so simply turned and headed down to PDG. Samaritan has been going like a train all morning with 1 reef in the main and 2/3rds of the headsail rolled away and handling very well under autopilot. There’s around 2m of swell on the front quarter so it’s quite comfy.

All is good with the boat, am keeping a close eye on the rig - ironically came across Fluke IV last night on this way back having retired due to problems of his own. The wind genny and solar panel are pumping out 7A so plenty of power and have the music blaring out for the first time.

Sat phone working well and am downloading daily weather updates. Great to have good natter with Mandy each night and find out what you’re all up to!.

Under 900 miles to go. Max wind last night was 29kts during a squall. Chili for tea tonight.

Love to all XX