Just over 400 miles to go.....

Tim Vaughan
Mon 24 Jun 2019 19:46
20:00 Monday 24th June

The fantastic sailing conditions have carried on all day, just needed to keep an eye on trim as the wind has continued to go left but I’ve wanted to stay in a straight line. I’ve crossed over the direct line and will run slightly below it for a while. The wind is forecast to keep going round so I expect I’ll have to climb again later on. The current forecast for later in the week is a very badly timed north easterly which will make the last couple of days tricky. Still, plenty of tme for that to change (he say’s hopefully).

My highlight of the day was Shuna appearing on the AIS and we took the opportunity for a another chat on the VHF.

So what else have I been doing with myself?

I took the opportunity for a decent couple of kips this afternoon and have prepared tea easily again, It’s spicy chorizo, sausage, pasta and other things left over in the fridge that need eating up. It’s another 4 person job so there be leftovers for sure to go with last nights chili. (Mand -we need to get a boat with a freezer......!)

Time for another food audit - Mandy’s provisioning has been spot on again (thanks love XX) , I’ve still got plenty to last me the rest of the trip but without any waste. I tell a lie - two stale bread rolls, half a lettuce, a banana, a plum and some cloves of garlic were buried at sea today, RIP.

Not such a good day on the wildlife front - a few birds but not much else around.

By my reckoning I’ve just over 400 miles to go so it’ll all be over very soon. Am sticking to my commitment to enjoy every minute. ( I still have my odd moment but “what happens on the boat, stays on the boat”.....). Well, apart from telling you lot that is.

Finally I’ve had an early evening cold drink and nibbles while I sit on my bunk typing this dribble. I’ve even got the crossword book out. It’s a great sleep inducing device!

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XX to all.