Tim Vaughan
Wed 5 Jun 2019 11:09
12:00 Noon (Wed 5th )

I put Wednesday in the heading for my benefit as I had to look it up!

Another great day on Samaritan, the wind has been very settled and we were making good speeds so I stayed with the 2 reefs in the main and headsail and left the autopilot to it all night. I was grateful really as, although the swell is only 2m or so, the waves seem to have a lot of energy and come crashing over the deck/spray hood and occasionally into the cockpit. It was bloody cold too, so, needless to say, I didn’t venture out anymore than I needed to and treated myself to an hour’s heating instead....

I had more sleep last night and even treated myself by extending a couple of naps to 30 mins - that’s a luxury!

There’s nothing much around on the AIS so you really feel on your own out here. I am following my own course based the weather updates. Looks like it could be another tricky night as the wind is forecast to die overnight before filling from the North overnight.

So am currently making the most of the wind with one reef in the main and full headsail. Shock News!!!! I’ve actually been helming this morning to give the autopilot a rest. I’m having to pinch myself that I’m really here, sailing on Samaritan in this awesome environment.

Enough of the sentimental shit. No more freezer meals so will have to cook from scratch tonight - need to consult Mandy’s food instructions..... Need to take my boots off, my feet stink.....

Distance to Ponta Delgada 730 miles.
24hr run at 07.00 this morning was a very respectable 140 miles.

See you all soon XXX