Samaritan passes muster.....

Tim Vaughan
Thu 30 May 2019 08:36

Getting to the point where we could actually depart for Falmouth on time was a lovely feeling and we had a decent overnight sail to Falmouth. It gave me another night sail before the real thing and a chance to practice a few things on the way down.


Coming into the marina at Falmouth we could see the assembling race fleet with all their storm sails out on deck and people running around with clip boards – the technical inspections were obviously underway. It was 10.15 and my inspection appointment was 12.00 so as soon as we were tied up I started putting on all the required sails and got all the equipment out of the lockers to make sure we were ready. We got there just in the nick of time and Tom, our scrutineer arrived on time and went through everything with me. All the hard work (and money!) paid off as we went through with flying colours. The only thing was he wanted me to have a more detailed paper map of the Azores but I was hoping to get away with it – mistake! So I’ve had to order one as they’re in scarce supply locally.


As soon as he had a left we had a couple of beers and put the boat back together and I was able to complete race registration.


There is a good buzz in the marina, we are next to a couple of nice crews and we went to the race BBQ last night and met a few of the other competitors and organisers. 


Chris and Chrissie, my cousins are arriving today and will be here with Mandy to help with the last minute preparations and see me off. Just need to write another bloody list……..


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