Tim Vaughan
Sun 23 Jun 2019 10:36
06:00 Sunday 23rd June

Best wishes to everyone taking part in the. Sutton Park Race for Life today. Mandy is taking Libby. Lexie and Grace - Good luck girls XXXX

Talking of races, things are all OK this morning, Samaritan sailed herself all night, I shook out a reef at 2am as the wind dropped under 20 kts and we were a little sluggish. Wind is currently 15 to 18 kts and I’ve still got one reef in. That might be coming out in a short while but there are a few pockets of cloud around and we’ll see what happens when we get near them before I make my mind up.

JPEG image

Course wise, I’m back up on the direct line again and should be able to stick to it if the wind stays westerly or above. I’ll get the latest weather files in an hour or so.

Not much to report on AIS, saw a fishing boat earlier. Bird count: 1 already today!

Woke up with leg cramps so must drink more today. Yesterday’s tough conditions inside the boat wont have helped either. For the first time this trip I have a few aches and pains.

Am hungry this morning so am going to have a cooked breakfast and I’ve got to use the mince in the fridge so it’s chili for tea tonight. MMMMMmmmm.