Closing in on San Miguel

Tim Vaughan
Tue 11 Jun 2019 01:46
02.00 Tuesday 11th yes, 2 in the morning but I thought I’d do it early as I’m likely to be either too pissed or asleep tomorrow (or hopefully both!)

Am finally closing in on San Miguel and it’s proving as tricky for me as I expected with light winds from directly behind. I’ve tried everything to keep the boat moving in the right direction with mixed results but here I am with 40 odd miles to go and my welcoming party willing me on. It’s was great seeing the all the lights along the north coast of San Miguel come up on the horizon as darkness fell.

No sleep for me tonight as need to be extra careful now we’re back near land but this is, by far, the best night of the trip so far. It’s warm and the stars are fantastic what a way to finish the first leg of the trip.

Me and the boat have had a bit off a tidy up and I’ve been able to finish off the last of the fresh food. My fillet steak was scrumptious and I did sit down to eat it!

No whales spotted but there were a few more birds around today and then I spotted a flying fish. They are weird and there were loads of them during the day.

So I’m off back up on deck now to decide when I need to gybe to get round and under the island. Really looking forward to finishing leg 1 and seeing Mandy, Chris and Chrissie on the finishing line and meeting up with all the finishers in and around the Marina.

Oh, and the beard? It’s gone, I looked a right twat........