It’s like being in a wildlife film!

Tim Vaughan
Wed 19 Jun 2019 09:31
A pretty tough first night really, not for the harsh conditions or rough seas, but the relentless flapping off sails when the wind drops. I suspect we all tried everything we could to keep some wind in the sails, some with more success than others. I managed OK but had my moments and the odd curse was issued......

But how could I moan really, The moon was HUGE and I had the company’s of dolphins on numerous occasions and they seemed to like the torch on them. This morning has been something else, there have been dolphins everywhere and hundreds of Cory Shearwater who seem to play with the dolphins - just magic.

I managed a reasonable number of kips so hopefully should be in the groove in that respect.

So back to the sailing, I’ve got plenty of boats around me so it’s good fun looking at everyone’s SOG/COG (speed and course over the ground) on the AIS to see how we’re all doing. I’ve currently got the genneker out to see if I can catch up a little.

I managed a reasonable number of kips last night so hopefully should be in the groove in that respect. Mand’s spicy chorizo creation was lovely but I had to hit the nibbles to make it through the night.

I’m currently using the last of my 4G signal to enjoy Radio 2 before I have to hit the dreaded playlists again and have decided I’m going to miss drinking out a proper mug as I go back to the thermos cup with the lid on it.

Got to go, the boats slowing down and it’s pop master time!!!!