Day 1

Tim Vaughan
Sun 2 Jun 2019 21:01
June 2nd 12.00 Day 1 completed

Things going OK, managed to keep things going last night and push the boat to make good progress. Had the genneker up for a good while until the wind picked up as we went into the night,

The wind was more Easterly than forecast so was able to keep south of the TSS and will stay as close to the direct route as possible for a couple of days, I may tack up to North of the lane at some stage.

The Goulash was good and I kept going most of the night. I managed a few 15 minute naps this morning but am still a little tired which has led to me feeling slightly queasy - it’ll pass!

Several boats remain in sight so no relaxing -distance to go 1065nm. Highest wind so far 25kts