Got to keep going......

Tim Vaughan
Fri 28 Jun 2019 09:33
09:30 Friday 28th June.

Thick, wet, fog closed in last night making it impossible to identify anyone the larger oncoming waves so I had to bear away slightly to create a bit more of an angle. There were still a couple of massive crashes, I was lying down for one and first had an ominous sensation of weightlessness and then WHAM! as poor old Samaritan hit the bottom of the other side. Just to keep it interesting the other one happened when I was getting something out of the forepeak Yikes! Must admit to looking at the rig a few times with the torch just to make sure it was still there!

So after all that bloody slogging into the wind, and dealing with the ensuing sea state, the latest forecast has the wind going very light. At first light I decided to take down the little jib and put the bigger genoa back up and enjoyed the last of wind as I head east to the TSS.

As I type the wind is dropping quickly, changing direction and so is my speed. There are the tides to contend with too. Am trying not to get too depressed about when I might finish but there is a very long way to go at this rate.

So back to happy thoughts:

Tried my luck on the FM radio in the night and heard an hour of Radio 2. Managed 20 minutes of Desert Island Discs this mourning - Emily Elvis, all a welcome relief from listening to playlists and albums. Hope it comes back later.

The AIS is alive with boats - Am VHF calling any ones that come my way, especially in this fog. Also good to have a chat!

Having cooked tea last night, I couldn’t be bothered to eat it, so it’s in the fridge for tonight. To cheer myself up I’ve come across a pack of bacon in the fridge, Mandy you’re a star xxxxxx it’s an egg and bacon baguette for me when I’ve finished this.

Wish me plenty of wind. - Oh come on, don’t be crude.......