Tim Vaughan
Fri 7 Jun 2019 11:48
12.00 Day 6 and just had to check my calendar to that it’s Friday the 7th....Doh

Yesterday afternoon was lively as the wind and the seas built. After sending the blog I had a stupid thought that I might get a quick nap but as soon as closed my eyes I became acutely aware of the motion of the boat and that I needed to get everything ready for the rest of the day. I made sarnies/drinks.snacks etc and put them in the cockpit, I got all the wet weather gear on, made sure everything was correctly stowed and off I went into the cockpit to helm for the rest of the day hardly returning down below.

It was nothing like the Med seas of the last two years but we had some decent swells (3 to 4m) and periods over 35 knots. I was quite pleased with myself as I put in the 3rd reef without any problems and can even furl the headsail in and out one handed, while steering during the numerous squalls. The boat was a great, upright and light to steer over the biggest of the waves. I got drenched as the odd one got me and I had to make sure the wash boards were in. The down side was we never got much over 6kts boat speed.

Things calmed down around 01.30 and, although fully reefed, the boat picked up speed as the sea died down. I left things as they were and took the chance to get some rest. I managed about 4hrs of cat naps but still saw 2 yachts on the AIS going the other way, I one within 2 miles of me. Tried to make contact but no reply.

Finally came to around 06.00 feeling decidedly chipper. So we now have full sails up and making up to 7kts straight towards PDG. The next obstacle is a little ridge high pressure system which hopefully will pass underneath me but it’s looks like light winds again tonight.

The sun is out and it’s been a bucket wash, clean clothes and cut toe nails (yuk!) Dress code today on board is shorts. I still managed to cook tea late last night - bangers and mash - Yummy

Random thoughts-
I miss the radio, I’m fed up with playlists
Do I shave before I see Mandy?
I feel like I’m nearly there but there’s still 500 miles to go.
Where is that irritating little bit of water getting into the front cabin?
I fancy a cooked breakfast.
Miles to go 480
Samaritan managed a daily run of 146, smashing her previous best by a whole 4 miles...