This is more like it

Tim Vaughan
Sat 29 Jun 2019 11:49
Various times Sat 29th June

My good fortune with the wind has continued and I have made good progress. Not seen the mainland yet but caught a glimpse of the Isles of Scilly. As I was quite close, I could make them out through the grey mist.

It might be dull and grey outside but things are much brighter here on Samaritan.

The radio signal is back and I’m looking forward to Graham Norton at 10.00.

Standards are now back at the highest level and breakfast was taken with kitchen roll for a plate. The Galley has been cleaned with one of the many spray things that live under the sink. Gone are my port and starboard bunks in favour of all the saloon cushions. The heads have been steam cleaned during my hot shower.

I have to get Samaritan ready for the Scrutineer - ie Mandy!!!!.

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