Leg 2 Here we go......

Tim Vaughan
Tue 18 Jun 2019 10:39
Well, I’ve been pretty poor doing blog updates while here in Ponta Delgada but I figure all that’s covered by Facebook posts (well that’s my excuse anyway).

I’ve had my half time team talk from Chris (who knows a thing or two about football) and he told me that given I’m single handed, I had a decent first half, I might have even come in 1-0 up, but I’ve got a lot to do second half and need to get my finger out. He doesn’t know much about sailing but he’s probably right....

So it’s 10.30 local time and we’re all waiting for news of the start which is going to be very slow due to light or no wind.

The big question is whether to go East or West to get round the island. You’ll see who does what on the tracker.

I shall do my utmost to carry on with a daily blog. Mailasail, our main sponsor have kindly leant me an extra device which means I can send photos every day. I’ll try to send something interesting, but no guarantees.

Right, got to go, I have to see if I can remember how to sail this thing😉.

Xxx to all