Pole out again.....

Tim Vaughan
Sat 22 Jun 2019 03:59
Friday 21st June 20.00

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The wind didn’t stay in the right direction for long and I soon found myself contemplating poling out the genoa again - so I got on with it. At this point the wind decided to die a little so we were able to go in the right direction but only at 4 kts.

The sky started to darken, the wind died altogether and then it rained, and boy did it rain! I quickly put the pole away and tidied up everything, getting soaked again in the process. Along with the rain came various wind states and directions so I spent the next hour gybing, tacking reefing etc etc. I thought I’d got drenched earlier but it was nothing compared to this. I don’t think I’ve ever been outside in such heavy rain, in fact it was a fantastic experience never to be forgotten. (The boat’s now full of wet gear now though).

I’ve just gybed on to port tack and we are making a good course at a good speed.

It was “retro” tea tonight. Fray Bentos, steak and kidney pie in a tin (reminds me of camping holidays with mum and dad), instant mashed potato (those Smash adverts) and tinned peas and carrots (old fashioned but surprisingly good!).

Tell you what - it was bloody lovely....