Update Wed 15th May

Tim Vaughan
Wed 15 May 2019 21:54

The clock is ticking – literally……


Been busy doing as many jobs as I can since getting back on Sunday starting with taking off as many items as possible off the boat that I don’t need such as bikes, paddle boards, extra bedding, towels and the like. The lighter the boat the better and there are a still few heavy items still to go such as the anchor chain but these will have to wait until next week.


Unfortunately there are a few heavy items to still to put on, one of which is the liferaft. I can only just about pick it up so ideally it should be somewhere really handy should it be needed. After a bit of rearranging, I managed to create a dedicated locker right next to the helm which is as good as it gets. Just need to find somewhere to keep some of my ropes which normally live there.


The next job was to create a storage area for all the extra sails I need to take. Normally I shove them under the seats down in the cabin but they can quite difficult to get out if needed quickly. With the bikes out of the way, I managed to create a nice area in the front cabin and put in some wooden slats to keep things in place when the boat rolls around.


When we were away the 12V/240V inverter stopped working which is a pain as I use it for the laptop. This had to be removed and sent back under warranty – pleased to hear that they have sent a replacement so just have to refit it.


And then today I wanted to fit the sat phone antenna but things went a little off plan and I ended up doing a job I was going to do next week. When I was moving stuff around the top came off a bottle of teak cleaner, all over some of the teak in the cockpit. Not the end of the world but it forced me to immediately do the whole cockpit area and then, while I was at it, I went on and did all the external teak. And of course once the teak was all clean, I may as well just carry on and apply the teak sealer to keep it looking nice…... Basically that’s taken me all day but it was a job that needed doing and Samaritan is looking good at the end of it.


That’s it for a few days now as I’m off to celebrate my birthday with all the family and will get back to it next Monday. It’ll be less than 2 weeks to go then…….















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