La Maddalena

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sat 6 Sep 2014 19:36
41 12.759N 9 24.248E
From Palau to La Maddalena, the only town on the largest island in the archipelago, takes about an hour, though it would be less if you didn't have to take a long route to keep out of the way of the frequent ferries. La Maddalena is an old town with history in every cobbled alley. It has that Mediterranean elegance and shabby grandeur that modern Palau lacks. The old harbour is called Cala Gavetta. It is at the heart of the old town. There are more modern mooring places to the east, but Cala Gavetta is where you want to be. We called up on the radio and the ormeggiatore said we could stay for two hours for free. It was ample time to walk to the town square, have a coffee, explore some of the higher parts of the town, and find our way back to the harbour again.

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