La Coruna, Compostella, and goodbye and thank you Bill

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sun 1 Jul 2012 17:00
43 22.04N 8 23.12W
La Coruna at last. The NW coast of Spain is exceptionally beautiful. Riveiro is an active fishing port and a lovely, unspoilt, old town at the end of a picturesque loch or ria with some fine looking beaches. La Coruna is a massive commercial harbour in a full scale city. Tonight Spain play Italy in the final of the football European Cup and there is an air of festivity and excitement. If they win we shall probably not sleep tonight, but the bars will stay open, so...

Today we went to Compostella, and having walked around the city centre, which is well worth the pilgrimage, we took Bill to the shuttle for the Airport. He has been great. His experience was essential both when we were preparing for the crossing and during it. We are forever in his debt.

We will be here in La Coruna for a few days, during which we will write an account of the crossing of Biscay Now, it's football this evening. T