Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Fri 23 May 2014 13:32
40 17.665N 8 28.871E
We left our mooring under the old town walls of Alghero after nearly three days of drying out, doing laundry and sightseeing. It was a good place to collect our thoughts, re-stock and make some plans for the next week.

It was a short sail to Bosa, less than twenty miles down the coast but along the way we had the new experience of the water and land being 'reversed' - the sea was a pale strip of light with dark cloud hiding the land. Rondo was sailing with us and that boat appeared as a spot of brilliant white against both the sea and the land.

It rained and there was thunder, and with swell predicted, we decided not to anchor but holed up in Bosa Marina. Had a lovely supper with Klaus and Christine and slept refreshingly. Tom needed it as in the morning sun we took off rowing the two miles upriver to the medieval town itself. From the top of the highest tower on the old castle on the hill you realised exactly why the Italians who founded this place built and fortified here, and also why this town has almost its own culture, cut off from the rest of the island by a ring of mountains which come right to the sea. Breathtaking.

More mundanely, we now wait for the chandlery in the boatyard next door to open; we need a new stern light. Then we'll try again for an anchorage down the coast a ways. We read that the inland lagoon less than a kilometre in from the beach there is one of the few nest sites of the European Crane. On another bird note, occasional sightings of the Blue Rock Thrush have been exciting. And we're looking for the Griffon Vulture down this coast.

Bye for now and thanks for the messages some of you have sent - it's really great to get them.