Cape St Vincent

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sun 9 Sep 2012 07:47
We are at anchor under the protection of Cabo de Sagres, 4 miles SE of Cabo Sao Vicente, which we rounded around midnight last night accompanied for over an hour by dolphins blazing in phosphorescence as they hunted, leaping, diving, racing towards and under us, chasing, and leaving phosphorescent trails. We could see the undulation of their bodies and the action of their powerful musculature well below the surface, all because of the phosphorescence.

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It.was a still afternoon and evening despite the forecast. Now we are in the Algarve we will wait for favourable winds, and try to use the engine less, but if the opportunity arises we will sail through the night again to make it to Spain. Yesterday Faith did two 2 hour watches alone and was fine. We anchored at 0100 in the dark, just off these cliffs, in 4 metres. We are getting better at this.