Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sun 1 Jun 2014 12:54
39 12.07N 9 07.61E
All forecasts agreed there would be F3 to 4 this morning, so we did not risk leaving the boat to explore the ruins of what was once the most important city in Sardinia. We sailed off our anchorage in Pula and headed east to get a good tack to Cagliari, but then the wind died and we motored for 2 hours eventually able to sail slowly into Cagliari with wind behind us and full genoa. Marina St Elmo received us just at the start of the lunchtime. We climbed the long walk and hill to the National Archeological Museum. This alone would have made the visit to Sardinia memorable. It's bronze and stone sculptures and it's pottery reveal like I have never seen before how sophisticated the art of the Bronze Age was, and how developed trade and cultural exchange were at that time. The bronze figurines are exceptionally good. In the Marina we met Bruce and Pam McKenzie on their lovely Rival 36, Osprey. June 2, Faith's birthday. She said, what I want for my birthday is - I held my breath - a clean boat. So we spent the morning sweeping, scrubbing, washing, turning out cushions and getting into all those places we usually prefer not to think about. The result was a sparkling clean boat. Klaus and Christine joined us in the afternoon. We walked up to the Church of St Bonario, where there is a collection of model boats given to the church to honour the life saving interventions of its Madonna. I Principi de Dan is a restaurant specialising in traditional Sardinian cuisine. Excellent for both vegetarians and carnivores. We enjoyed every minute and mouthful of a three hour meal there. June 3: Klaus And Christine left for the airport, to return to Solingen and work. We will miss them.