Real Club Nautica Puerto de Pollensa

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Thu 13 Jun 2013 09:10
39 54.350N 3 05.108E
Moved to the Visitors' pontoon at RCNPP. This is an expensive marina, but they gave the best price for laying up for the next two and a half months. The mooring is on the outside of the harbour wall. There is not a breath of wind. Summer really has come at last. It is very hot indeed. Swam yesterday in water that was as warm as we dream of.

But it is not all the life of Riley. Yesterday I took down the sails and stowed them below, with the dinghy and everything else that might deteriorate in the unrelenting sun. Today there are more tasks before I can leave Beowulf ship shape. The marineros will lift her out on Monday.

It is completely quiet, at 11 in the morning. The last two days the fire service seaplanes have been practising their forest fire fighting drill, which is to swoop down on the bay, almost landing on the water, scoop up thousands of gallons, take off and drop it. Very dramatic, a little alarming when you are sailing across the bay, and very noisy. But today, silence. In most marinas the view is of other yachts, mostly multi-storey motor boats. In some there is a backdrop of high rise apartment buildings. Here, it is the mountains, or rather the last and smallest vertebrae of the spine that runs along the north coast of Mallorca. Lots of small yachts and fishing boats, some larger yachts, but the shallowness of this end of the bay keeps out the super yachts, and perhaps the less adventurous or confident charterers. The village of Puerto de Pollensa is low rise and barely visible above the masts of the traditional small fishing boats.  The dominant feature of the view is the hills which rise above everything like the worn down stubs of colossal teeth in a massive, ancient jaw.

Tom Fenton
SV Beowulf, V2977