Santa Maria Navarese

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sun 8 Jun 2014 18:34
39 59.17N 9 41.42E

The small white church behind the beach is ringing bells for evening mass. The sun is going down and the sea is settling. This anchorage is just a stone's throw from Arbatax but we're enjoying the sun and making the most if what little wind there is.

Yesterday we spent nearly 8 hours on a single car, narrow gauge train climbing to 2700' through 100 kms each way of the majestic mountains of Sardinia's interior. Gorgeous gorges, bluffs and crags; impossible vineyards and olive groves lower down; wild horses on the plateau at the top, wild boar; sheep and cows on the line (screech to a stop). 4 hours at the turnaround point in a small village for lunch and exploring. Truly amazing and beautiful and confirming our thought that everywhere on this island is different from everywhere else!