Sailing the Clear Ocean Blue

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Fri 24 May 2013 18:44
38 50.46N 1 23.119E

A beautiful sunny Thursday in the Portroig cove, taking it easy, not moving except for the gentle roll of the boat and a couple of trips ashore in the dinghy. Half a dozen friendly neighbours shared the view of surrounding cliffs, covelets and fisherpeople's huts, although there was no evidence of them. We didn't leave until this (Friday) afternoon and this morning explored on foot some of the back roads and tracks of this quiet part of Ibiza, filled with wild rosemary, cistus and pine woods, smallholdings and orchards.

But now we're in a sandy bay, Tom put the kedge anchor down so we had a less rocking meal, the sun is setting behind the high hills we came from and the bathers have gone from the beach. The beach bar music stopped too.

There's still too much chill in the wind to swim from the boat but the next midday bay we come to we plan to put our new ladder down and take the plunge.

All is good, really good. Thanks for messages. Great to hear from people although if we don't get our solar panel plug fixed soon we might not be able to indulge as often in electronic communication.

With love