Cala di Múrtas

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Thu 5 Jun 2014 17:00
39 32.54N 9 38.55E

A beautiful remote white sand beach to anchor off after a long afternoon of spare wind and a lot of heat. It feels like it's definitely summer at last.

The coast is fringed with these 10 mile swathes of tempting beaches interrupted occasionally by rocky headlands. There are high hills behind but the craggy mountains of the hinterland have slipped further inland. A few offshore islands, like Serpentara and Isola de Quirra which glowed in the western sun looked as interesting as their names but are marine reserves or surrounded by dangerous rocks.

We gave in to temptation and found an anchorage near both beach and headland and spent the late afternoon sitting in the cockpit marvelling at the solitude and beauty.

Two kayakers appeared across our bow - we had a kedge anchor out to still the swell - landed and camped a kilometre or so along the dune-backed beach. We must have been sharing the spectacle of the Milky Way after the waxing moon set but it seemed like we were alone in the world.