Capo di Pula

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sat 31 May 2014 19:30
38 59.25N 9 01.03E

Today we had a big generous-winded sail that took us at times well over 6knots and 43 miles around the sparsely inhabited southern capes of Sardinia, hills and cliffs and headlands foregrounding the mountainous interior's silhouette against the blue blue sky.

10 hours of sailing and just a bit of motoring looking for an anchorage, off some more Phoenician / Roman ruins; this city of Nora seems to have been important for nearly a thousand years either side of the BC/AD divide. Now most of it is under the sea but not very far, so in theory you gaze through the clear water onto baths and temples and tombs. We were looking for holding so were quite glad we didn't encounter these antiquities. It's shallow enough. The wind should be dying soon, making this a safe place for the night.

We're about halfway through our 6 weeks this end of the season and, as last year we aren't rushing. We're within striking distance of the main city of Cagliari where we plan to spend a few days, say farewell to Klaus and Christine who will fly back to Germany from there, and then head up the east coast which some say is even more beautiful and interesting than the west.