Cala Talamanca, Ibiza

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sat 25 May 2013 14:46
38 54.837N 1 27.297E
Talamanca is a bay with a good beach, just to the east of Ibiza town, so close you can walk to the harbour and shops. We are anchored in 4m of water so clear you can see the anchor on the sandy bottom. Rowed ashore and investigated harbour facilities. But looking forward to our fourth night at anchor. 

You have to be careful, anchoring here. The sea grass, Posidonia oceanicus, is vital to the ecosystem, but anchors, and especially their chains, have cleared vast areas (meadows, they call them) of the grass, and the environmental consequences are terrible. Posidonia is responsible for the clarity, and purity, of the water. In some places the Balearics authorities have laid moorings so you don't have to anchor. That was what we used last night at Ses Salinas. There are no moorings here but we found a sandy clearing in the Posidonia large enough to anchor in and to swing in a full circle with 20m of chain without doing damage.

Good sun but some chill in the east wind. T

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