To the Costa Smeralda, and beyond

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Sat 30 Aug 2014 17:58
41 07.961N 9 28.143E
We arrived back in Arbatax late in the afternoon on August 27, and spent the evening preparing the boat for relaunching. The crane arrived promptly at 9.30 on Aug 28, and eg were in the water and provisioned by noon. Just time, we thought to set off for Cala di Luna, and then I realised the cooling water intake was blocked. It took me about an hour to sort and have lunch, and then at last we set sail. Well, we motor sailed most off the way. Cala di Luna was our best anchorage in a sardinia so far, that glorious night in June. On Thursday it was not comfortable. Two lots of swell coming from different directions, and a strong north south current. I put a kedge out but it did no good. We left early, and the Cala did look beautiful in sunrise. We motored most of the way to La Caletta and anchored outside the harbour, off a lovely beach, and swam in warm but still refreshing water. The sea was perfectly calm overnight and we slept well, but rose early to try to get as near to Palau as possible before the coming gale. After 43 miles and 8 hours here we are in North Bay, on the Tri Monte peninsula just north of Cannigione. This will be the last anchorage for a while, with bad weather in the next few days, and our friends Isabel and Manolo arriving from Murcia on Tuesday to join us in Palau, from where we will explore the Maddalena archipelago.

JPEG image

The view from the funky beach bar. We are of course the smallest boat in the bay.