Cala Xaraca

Tom Fenton and Faith Ressmeyer
Fri 7 Jun 2013 15:41
39 06.045N 1 29.800E
Large bay with one other yacht on the far side. High wooded slopes all around. Every bay has had different rock formations and this bay is no different in being different (if that makes sense). Quiet. There is a small beach, about the size of Saona, a little larger than Boix. What looks like a small hotel. But the bay is so large and the development so small, the overall impression is of an unspoilt picturesque bay. (If you want deserted, the small bay before this, Cala des Porcs or Cala Blanco, depending on your chart, looked just the thing.) we are anchored on sand and stone. I think. At least definitely not on the Posidonia. One day the anchor will not come up. I just hope I will have rigged a trip line when that happens.

Tomorrow we raise anchor to sail to Mallorca. A passage of about 50 miles, 15 hours unless we are very lucky with the winds. Today the forecast was for SE all day. We started in SW and then it shifted to NW. How do you plan with forecasts like these?

Anchoring or mooring before 5pm has become or aim, and on the whole we have achieved it. Even if we don't get out the dinghy to go ashore, it still feels good to be at rest while the sun is still high. T