Thursday 19th January – Last Pos t

Jon & Carol Dutton
Thu 19 Jan 2017 20:08

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Thursday 19th January – Last Post

It is with very mixed emotions that I write what will be the last post in Arnamentia’s blog.  Tomorrow she will have a new owner and also a new name.  I decided to keep her name as she had she was such a large part of Jon’s and my life together.  I took the prospective owner for a trial sail on Tuesday which went very well - no snags hoisting the sails or anything else.  I’m pretty sure Jon will have been saying “How on earth did you manage that, Mrs D?”  I am really delighted that she will be sailing again and as she will be kept in the Hamble River, I expect I will catch sight of her from time to time.



                                   A bitter sweet moment - skippering Arnamentia for the last time



                                      Going up the Lymington River on a very cold but sunny day