Tuesday 3rd July - Coffee now smelt!

Jon & Carol Dutton
Tue 3 Jul 2012 22:41

9:48.28S 139:01.89W

Tuesday 3rd July – Coffee now smelt!

At 0830 local time (GMT -9.5), seventeen days and eighteen hours after leaving the Galapagos, we entered Tahauka Bay in Hiva Oa.  Finding a spot to anchor with almost all the other boats having both bow and stern anchors out was a challenge but we eventually got ourselves settled.  It is a little rolly here so we too decided to deploy our Fortress anchor to stern for the first time, as well as the mighty Delta bow anchor.  Then it was time to celebrate our three thousand mile passage with a brunch of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs accompanied by a glass or two of fizz. 

The islands are quite dramatic – steep cliffs draped in an amazing array of greenery and the high peaks obscured by cloud.  We’re looking forward to having a couple of days exploring Hiva Oa before going on to the north western most island, Nuku Huva.



                                                                    Approach to Tahauka Bay


                                                                    Calmer waters inside the bay