Wednesday 7th December - Safe & Sound in St Lucia

Jon & Carol Dutton
Wed 7 Dec 2011 12:35

14:04.45N 60:56.95W


Wednesday 7th December – 0058 GMT 


We Made It!  After 17 days, 11 hours, 58 mins and 2 seconds we crossed the finishing line in Rodney Bay, sadly under engine as there was still no wind.  (We really felt for poor Nostra Vida who lost her propeller a few days ago.)  After a modest(!) celebration there was the luxury of a whole night's sleep.  We awoke to a severe downpour, not at all like the pictures in the glossy tourist brochures we've been given!


We now face a day of cleaning every nook and cranny on the boat and a long stint in the laundrette.


A few reflections on the passage will be posted as soon as we possibly can.  Cochise arrived an hour or so after us, and is berthed opposite us.  We don't know how long she motored for - we suspect less than us so we'll have to have a return match!


Thanks to all of you who have followed us on our blog and on the yellowbrick tracker - it was great to receive messages of support in the middle of the ocean.