Where are we in the Rankings?

Jon & Carol Dutton
Fri 9 Dec 2011 23:35
Now here's a thing.  Having arrived about an hour and a quarter before Cochise on Tuesday night we still reckoned we'd lost to her.  We didn't know how much she had motored but, somehow, assumed that is was less that we.  We all submitted our end of race declaration forms and we discovered that she had apparently motored for more than two hours longer than we.  So, given that we'd crossed the finishing line an hour and a quarter before them, we'd beaten them by a country mile.  
That didn't feel right.  So we checked our deck log very carefully and recalculated our engine hours.  We'd bogged it.  The result is that we'd motored for 58 minutes more than they did.  Obviously, we 'fessed up to the ARC office and amended our declaration.      
Verrrry interesting!   It's now in the lap of the gods.  You will recall that the penalty for using the engine is that the time under engine is multiplied by some factor between 1 and 2 and added to the elapsed time.  The precise value of the factor is determined by the ARC organisers based on some arcane formula related to the conditions experienced by the fleet.  God knows how it works.  Actually, he might be a bit hazy Himself.  
Anyway, the upshot is that if the factor applied is 1 we reckon we should beat Cochise by around 15 minutes.  If the factor applied is 2 we think we'll lose by around 45 minutes.  At some value betwixt and between we'll end up dead level. 
But, that's life and we'll await the final result.  That two more or less identical boats with amateur crews, both determined to beat the other, can cross an ocean and 16+ days later be interested in a difference in the time each took of a few minutes here or there seems to me to be remarkable.  Moreover, if we have to concede 2nd place in class to anyone, we can think of no better people to whom to concede it than the very sporting crew of Cochise who made the crossing such hard work - and such fun.